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The No More Games LEAN & CURVY Challenge is for the womxn who wants to tone, build curves and lean muscle, resulting in a physique that exudes fit & feminine appeal. Start your 30-Day, 90-Day, or 6-Month challenge program to power your body goals through body changing workouts and customized nutrition! Whether you need a program for a quick tone up, results that last, or a complete lifestyle change, the Lean & Curvy Challenge is for you!



Ready to Stop playing games with your health and fitness? Improve your overall health and sculpt your unique curves with the Fitness By Shellz Lean & Curvy Challenge. No matter your fitness level, Or at home or gym preference, The Fitness X Shellz app brings you heart-pumping cardio workouts, strength training, and customized nutrition plans straight to your favorite mobile device. Now’s the time to shred fat, build lean muscle and elevate your fitness levels. Ready to Feel Better Than Ever? Join the challenge today! 

No More Games! 

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I’m 30 days into my Lean & Curvy Fit Plan and I have 30 more days to go. I was given a meal and workout plan which I didn’t think I was going to be able to do but I did the total opposite. I started at 182 lbs and 30 days later I’m now at 172 lbs not to mention my goal is 160. This journey has not been easy but it’s been well worth it. If it wasn’t for Shelby I would’ve never reached my goal. 


I’m a 31 year old bride to be! I have been doing the lean & Curvy fit plan for about a month now preparing for my big day! The program is challenging but the results are worth it. I can tell I’m losing inches because my work clothes have more room in them. I’m excited to see what the next 30 days hold of the program!


Starting out was a challenge because you have to actually train your mind but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my body transition. Working out regularly and eating a more healthy and balanced diet has become more of a lifestyle!! The best part is actually seeing my results reflected in how my clothing fits! I’m being pushed but the results make I‎t worthwhile!!

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