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LEAN & CURVY University

Lean & Curvy University is a 1-on-1 accountability coaching experience for the woman who wants to tone up, lean down, maintain curves and build lean muscle, resulting in a physique that exudes fit & feminine appeal. Start your journey to power your body goals and health through customized body changing workouts and nutrition, built for your unique goals, lifestyle and enjoyment! Whether you need a program for a quick tone up, results that last, or a complete lifestyle change, Lean & Curvy University is for you!

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As many women struggle with consistency, accountability and nutrition, Lean & Curvy University is designed to help you be 100% accountable and supported with Shellz as your dedicated coach.  Shellz will ensure that you're able to be clear on exactly what’s best for YOU when it comes to your eating & workouts via custom workouts & nutrition guides built for your enjoyment. With LCU, you'll learn exactly what it takes to make a LASTING lifestyle change & find out what works best for you!


1-on-1 Accountability sessions


Body Changing Home or Gym Workouts

Easy to Follow Programs tailored to YOUR goals

Full Performance Videos w/Shellz as your Coach

Personalized Daily Nutrition Plans

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Shred Fat, Sculpt Curves and Build Lean Muscle

Daily 1-on-1 Support

Daily Group Support

Log your Workouts meals, and progress all in the Fitness X Shellz app!

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Client Testimonials


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The Lean & Curvy University program was the BEST thing that could have happened to me. Going into the pandemic as a single mom of a baby, I lost myself. With this program, I’ve been able to jumpstart my weight loss journey. This program doesn’t leave any room for guessing. Everything you need to know, down to the exact foods to eat as well as videos for the workout is there! Shelby was very encouraging and help me accountable throughout the entire program and always available for any and all questions including how to have a “cheat meal” and recover without hindering your progress. If you’re trying to get started or if you’re at a plateau, this is the program for you! I give it 10 out of 10, highly recommend!



I absolutely love Lean & Curvy University. I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym. However for someone who isn't used to using machines or working out in the gym can be very overwhelming. This program has taken that stress away as it maps out everything you need to do during each workout. It has options for beginners, intermediate, or advanced levels. It challenges me and I have definitely seen a difference in my appearance and even how clothes fits. There are videos showing Shellz demonstrating the workouts to show how it should be performed. There's also a detailed nutrition plan that changes up so you don’t get bored. The best part is that you get to interact with Shellz for accountability and motivation!



My experience with Lean & Curvy University has been amazing. I found myself being challenged in ways that I otherwise would not have challenged myself. It was great coming to the gym and already having my entire workout already laid out for me! When it came to my meals it completely eliminated the guess work! I already knew what I was going to eat for the day so It was easier to plan my life accordingly. This app has made working out and eating right easier and so convenient for me!

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LEAN & CURVY University

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