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Let's Talk Nutrition!

Nutrition is the key to obtaining your fitness goals and building the ideal feminine physique.  No matter how much you exercise, you can't outwork an unhealthy diet. 

Training with Shellz and obtaining lean & curvy results, is strongly influenced by her customized meal plans.
They are made up of clean diets that often include low carbs and moderate to high amounts of protein, limited sugar and detoxifying foods to help reset the body.  Thus aiding in the improvement of your physical appearance, and your internal health.  "Health is Wealth" isn't just a casual mantra, it's something Shellz strongly believes!  If you're ready to upgrade your health, your physique, and your overall quality of life, it's time to do Nutrition with Shellz!

Here's What's Inside!


The perfect 21 Day workout guide for toning the legs, thighs, and glutes along with shredding the FUPA! (i.e. lower abs)  Gain exclusive access to my fitness app, and easy to follow squat & fupa workouts that can be done

in less than 30 minutes each day!

(Workouts can be done at home or in the gym)

*All you need is a mat! Weights/dumbbells are optional but not required.



An easy to follow and flexible detox meal plan that aids in significant and immediate weight-loss, while freeing the body from toxins and waste.  Includes a balanced diet made up of tasty low calorie, low-fat foods, and smoothies, to promote a leaner physique & a healthier you.

(Meal plan is flexible enough for vegans & vegetarians)


A 14 day supply of Herganics Beauty's Daily Lipo Tea 

to help you eliminate access belly fat, back fat, 

bloating and inflammation for a more lean

feeling & appearance. Notice results in just 14 days!

(All natural, No Restroom Rush, Great Taste, No Cramping)

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