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Introducing a NEW virtual way to train INTERACTIVELY!

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Virtual Training 

Can't Train In-Person? 

No Problem!

Virtual Training App!

Introducing a NEW virtual way to train INTERACTIVELY! Virtual Training App!

My new virtual platform is specifically designed for those who aren't able to train with me in person, yet, want to achieve the desired physique that exudes fit and feminine appeal, while accomplishing their goals for long-term optimized health.


This program offers customized total body workouts for the home or gym, along with hands-on, interactive coaching, for the accountability YOU NEED in order to stay focused and obtain successful results!  


If you lack a sense of professional accountability, resulting in short lived self-motivation - Now's the time to get back on your grind, adopt a professional coach, let go of the excuses and WIN healthy results!

in-person or virtually

In-Person Training at FXS Body Factory!

Semi-Private Training

TOTAL FXS is an In-Person semi-private training experience at FXS Body Factory --  that averages 2 to 4 participants per session, with COVID-19 guidelines in place for cleanliness and safety. This "back and forth" cardio and strength circuit style workout increasingly challenges and improves one's endurance and strength levels, catering to a lean & fit physique in a short period of time. 


  • Three 8-10 minute cardio circuits on the following machines

    • Treadmill

    • Elliptical

    • Rowing Machine

  • Three 8-10 minute strength circuits 

    • One lower body circuit 3x

    • One upper body circuit 3x

    • One core circuit 3x

  • Nutrition Coaching & Meal Planning

    • New detailed meal plan each month

    • Regular food journal monitoring

    • Regular progress checks/weigh-ins

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